Love my looks over the past months. Thank you Phyllis for your amazing works. PAVO Hair Studio is conveniently located at 1 Nassim Road (you can’t miss it!). I love the ambience, hair massage, and how every staff is helpful and well trained.

Visit Phyllis @ PAVO HAIR STUDIO and quote “Miaoru” for exclusive discounts!

PAVO Hair Studio is located at

1 Nassim Road, #01-06,

Singapore 258458 

Tel: 6733 9909

Follow me on Instagram: @ruthmiaoru for more updates!

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Still chasing my dreams, onwards to EP album launch!

Just to keep whoever’s (still) reading this space updated on my little life over here.

I’ve been talking about my EP album since forever, to be exact, since March last year, and after 1 whole year of preparation, it’s finally gonna be available to you guys soon. I’m so excited to share what I’ve been doing with all of you who have been supporting me along the way. I’ve invested a great amount of time and effort on this EP, and committing to it was definitely one of the biggest decision I’ve made so far. This EP is my baby and a proof of my very existence for music, the passion for it, and that I’ve stood by it all these years.

If you have been following some of my updates, the first plug-in of one of my songs, 等待 was on YES933 a few weeks ago and my EP album will be officially launched around end-August.

It all feels so surreal.

About a year and a half ago, I started writing new songs, recorded my own rough demos, had endless discussions at Millet with Ashton about good melody lines, interesting chord progressions etc.

Then through very kind people who believed in me, I met up with veteran producer like Jim to work on my EP project. It was such a great experience working with him and finally witnessing how he works his craft. Born musicality, touch of the instrument, years of experience, and fantastic vocals.

I had friends turned mentors, and also veterans in the industry like Jiong Shun who forked out his precious time be part of the production of my album. We had Jamie Wilson on the guitars for most of my songs, and musicians from different parts of the world to record live sounds for my project, levelling up the quality of the production. I’m so thankful for all these people.

Also, Master Zennon who also took time to record me and mix some of my songs amidst his busy production schedule. I consulted Anson and others for the lyrics, and brainstormed on so many interesting words which gave me a whole new experience about writing lyrics. I’ve been writing songs with Touch for quite awhile now – writing songs for other artistes and writing songs for yourself are pretty different. It really challenged my songwriting skills, but I’ve grown to learn so much more.

I had so many recording sessions and meet ups with my producers. I’m not complaining a single bit because I enjoyed every bit of my EP-making process. And I wish there is a spy cam somewhere to document every part of it, like a reality show!

I am truly unsure about how far I would go as musician, but I know for sure that this is an experience I am going to remember for life.

I also had the same question going on in my mind for the longest time, about my identity as a singer, songwriter, musician. I’m just a ordinary girl who falls in loves, falls out of love, and I talk to many people who share their experiences with me too, and then I write songs because that is the best thing I can do to feel better about these life situations. I write songs to share my sentiments and hopefully people can find comfort, strength and hope in them.

I’ve came a long way down this music path and I’m thrilled to be able to finally share my originals with everyone (,:

Here’s a preview of me singing 等待, a video which my awesome marketing peeps took during YES933′s 撼动广播新人王 finals at Novena Square 2 two weeks back. It was a great experience and eye-opener to watch Miccappella and Serene perform their new songs too.


我很期待以新的的姿态和大家见面!See you!

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Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2013


After its inaugural success last year, Cathay Motion Picture Awards (CMPA) is back for its second installment in 2013! Moving forward, it is set to stay as Cathay Organisation’s annual signature event.

CMPA is a short film competition created to fulfill Cathay Organisation’s conviction towards the development of Singapore’s film industry. Expending its assets in cinema exhibition as the platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent, Cathay Organisation pioneers the path as the first and only movie exhibitor in Singapore to orgnanise its own short film competition.

Well, the point of this entry is that… REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR CMPA 2013!! (click to download registration form)

This year, participants will make a 78 seconds motion picture in 78 hours with a given theme which will be revealed on the Briefing Day (18 May). The competition will start at 12pm on 18 May and end at 6pm on 21 May. Sounds like a challenge!

Registration closes on 12 May. For more information, log on to or get in touch with Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd by dropping them an email at or call 6736 7210!

Here comes the prizes for winners of CMPA 2013!

Best Motion Picture:

- $15,000 in cash (the largest cash prize for a short film competition in Singapore)

- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team

- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

1st Runner up:

- $8,000 in cash

- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team

- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

2nd Runner up:

- $5,000 in cash

- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team

- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

Viewers’ Choice:

- Exclusive Cathay VIP card worth more than $4,000 for each member of the team

- Screening of motion picture in all Cathay Cineplexes for 4 weeks

The top 15 finalists’ motion pictures will then be presented for evaluation by a panel of esteemed judges, namely:

1. Founder/CEO/Director of J Team Productions, Jack Neo

2. Film critic, Philip Cheah

3. Writer-Director, Lee Thean-jeen

4. Executive Producer for the division of ILM, Lucasfilm Singapore, Stuart McAra

5. The Straits Times Life! Media Correspondent, Boon Chan

6. Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia, United International Pictures, Nicholas Yong

The top three winners will be determined solely by the judges on three criteria – originality, production quality and entertainment value. There will also be a Viewer’s Choice award which is based on the motion picture with the highest number of public votes garnered via the official website between 3 and 23 June.

The awards ceremony will be held on 18th July 2013 at The Cathay Cineplex. Participants and guests will receive an exclusive invite to the event where they will view the Top 15 finalists on the big screen and winners will be announced.

Here’s a video footage of last year’s awards ceremony!

My favourite video from last year has got to be “Remember”..

Especially love short film which tugs at your heart strings. Celebrate. Love.

Yes, so all you film makers, head down to,

CMPA Website:

Cathay Lifestyle on Facebook:

for more information! Looking forward to this year’s entries.

Have fun! :)

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Love, Me is an initiative by four females who strongly believe that every girl is beautiful in her own unique way.


Love, Me is a campaign started by a team of undergraduates from Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information at Nanyang Technological University to promote positive body image among female youths.

The key message is to encourage women to be confident of the way they look and not succumb to negative pressure from today’s society and media, simply because everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

I chanced upon their facebook page and really like what I saw!

We know how tough it is to be contented with ourselves. As much as how I always remind myself to stop the comparison and be positive, I believe it’s a innate girl’s thing to be a worrywart about appearances.

Sometimes I can’t help but be concerned about how I look on stage, whether I’m fat on tv screens, and other people’s computer screens as they are watching my youtube covers (hmm). Especially so when there will be photoshoots for my upcoming EP album (which is one of the most important thing happening to me in 2013), I tend to be a LIL insecure as well.

But well, I ask myself, can I give up on..

Many sumptuous good meals? NO.

The sweets & savories? NO.

My favourite korean BBQ and the 三层肉 (lol). NO.

So I guess this is it. I feel happier to be eating!

Just make sure you take lots of veggies and drink plenty of water too. There is really no point starving and ill-treating yourself and be unhappy at the end of everything. Live life, love life, and most importantly, love yourself!

If you would like to pledge your support for girls to be positive about their body image, do head on down to their Facebook page and “like” it!

Keep the awareness going on by sharing the page!


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Cathay Decoded Race

The chance has arrived for social media followers and amateur detectives to battle their wits and stamina in Cathay Organisation’s first interactive code-breaking challenge: Cathay Decoded Race.

Introduced as an online game in 2012 via Cathay Lifestyle Facebook page,  Cathay Decoded Race will take place on the streets on 23 March 2013 and send participants racing through Orchard Road in a pursuit for attractive prizes. Besides the adrenaline-pumping action from checkpoint to checkpoint, participants can look forward to sharpening their social media acumen by juggling various online applications, which includes obtaining clues via QR codes, taking and uploading pictures via online applications such as Instaplace and Instagram.

In teams of three, race participants will be required to break codes via a series of riddles and challenges. The secret to breaking the codes in record time – Participants will find it useful to arm themselves with knowledge of business units associated with Cathay Organisation!

The grand winner of the Cathay Decoded Race will bring home the top prize of SGD$7,000 in cash and another SGD$800 worth of vouchers.


1st Prize
- $7000 Cash
- $800 worth of vouchers

2nd Prize
- $3000 cash
- $400 worth of vouchers

3rd Prize
- $1500 cash
- $200 worth of vouchers


All participants who complete the race will also get a goodie pack worth $20 each!

Just to test how much you know about Cathay Cineleisure Orchard!

Did you know that Level 7 in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard does not appear on the lift buttons?

If you are aware of this.. you certainly know Cathay Organisation well enough. And this competition is for you!

The race is only limited to the first 26 teams that register! Registration has already started, and closes on 10 March 2013 or when the team quota of 26 is reached.

Interested participants should form teams of 3 and email the names, NRIC, contact numbers and email addresses to

For more information on Cathay Decoded Race, please visit Cathay Lifestyle Facebook page and stay tuned for exciting updates.

Have fun :)

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Cineleisure Next Online Sensation Version 2.0

Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation Version 2.0


It’s the time of the year again, and we’re back to look for Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation (CNOS) in Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation Version 2.0!!

*Gosh it’s been a year already???”

For this year, we’re looking for social media savvy youths who’re best able to represent the F.F.L. facets of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. That’s right, Food, Fashion and Leisure.

Get ready for more Vlogging, Blogging, Facebooking, Twittering and Instagraming. With a total of 5 Challenges to complete and each a title to bag, as well as the grand prize of $1,000 Cash, an Olympus Camera, a Larger than life sized poster and a year’s supply of movie tickets.

The difference between last year and this year is that there will be a total of 5 challenges this year, I only had to do 3 last year. There will be lots of vlogging and it will be an individual participation thing instead of the mixed categories for us last year. Sounds much tougher, but also more exciting at the same time!!

The top winners will also get to partner Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for a year of exclusive coverage on our exciting line up of promotions and signature events!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Winning the 1st runner up and overnight sensation an unexpected thing for me. 黑马爆冷,if you know what it means.. I think I was a dark horse in the competition hahaha.

I am really not a consistent and professional blogger to start with, why I joined the competition was a matter of fate thing haha. Was supposed to be in it with 2 other friends in the group category but with a turn of events I was shortlisted in the top 20, alone…… #foreveralone

And I did not expect to win the competition when I first joined it. I saw familiar faces among the other contestants, people who were the real bloggers and tbh I was kind of intimidated haha! But I thought to myself that I will just do as much as I can with my passable blogging, photoshopping, vlogging skills.

So the whole time I was actually competing with myself and thinking of how I can overcome the technical parts of blogging (taking photos and videos, editing pictures and video, forming content, uploading stuff, which required alot of patience!!!) to the point that I wasn’t actually pitting myself against anyone at all. It is good to disregard the competitiveness and do your own thing.

I think this helped a lot because I gave the best I could and wasn’t really comparing with anyone else. Though after looking through some of the fashion videos in the final challenge, I was really impressed with other contestant’s video taking skills!!

One thing that I think really helped me to stand out in the competition was incorporating my music into the content.

As you guys should would know if you have been following my updates, I am a full-time musician, singing at live performing outlets weekly & regularly, and performing for weddings and shows. I’m also a songwriter working on my own music. Back then, I was wondering how I can incorporate what I am best at in my CNOS content.

And tadah! I decided to write a shopping jingle to conclude my fashion video during the final challenge. Yes, I picked up my newly-bought ukulele back then and just wrote and sang a Cineleisure shopping jingle along with it. It was lots of fun!

If there is only one advice I have to give, that would be,

To be yourself and do your own thing, to the best that you can :)

Here are some tips and tricks from us, Kitty on the Spaceship and yours truly.

Feels abit paiseh saying that I have some real tips and tricks for you guys because I’m really no guru! But since I was unexpectedly obtained 1st runner up and overnight sensation title, I guess have some passable skills to share with you guys hahaha

Here are the winners of last year’s competition:

Cineleisure’s Next Online Sensation: Kitty on a Spaceship

1st Runner-Up and Overnight Sensation: Ruth Kueo

2nd Runner-Up: Team Taffi

Check out the celebrity bloggers forming this year’s panel of Judges this year!!

1. QiuQiu

In an uncensored and direct style of blogging that is avoided by most blogs, Bongqiuqiu is where you will find unadulterated opinions and jokes of an average Singaporean girl. Currently a full-time blogger, Qiuting makes known unabashedly of her love of her family, boyfriend and two dogs. This lifestyle blog adds a touch of humour and frankness to the personal diary of Qiuting.

  • Host of popular webshow “Budget Barbie” , which scours the heartlands for “budget” clothing and apparels
  • One of the leading female bloggers for Olay webshow
  • Blogger Ambassador – Adonis

2. BeatriceTan marries the sunshine of Beatrice’s smile with sophistication and style. People know her as the face of LoveBonito (then BonitoChico), a homegrown fashion brand which was boosted to fame by word of mouth. The blog was started to share her travelogues, fashion inspirations and day-to-day hustle. With her positive outlook on life, one can expect to turn a blue day around while reading!

  • Hey Gorgeous! Variety show finalist
  • Featured in various print ads for Guardian Store, Carl Zeiss lens, Bio Essence, and many more

3. Sixpegs

Peggy is quirky and has a upbeat personality. Her personality shines through her choice in fashion as well. She shares titbits of her life in her blog and she’s always up for an adventure! Be it hunting down new pet cafes, or sourcing for not so well-known places with great bargains! Having dogs and cats and home reveals that she is an animal lover and occasionally will bring them along with her on her adventures!

•Channel U Hey Gorgeous 2008

•The New Paper New Face 2007

•Freelance Model


1st Prize
- $1000 Cash
- An Olympus Camera
- Larger than life sized poster
- A year’s supply of Movie Tickets

2nd Prize
- An Olympus Camera
- Larger than life sized poster – $500 FFL Vouchers

3rd Prize
- An Olympus Camera
- Larger than life sized poster – $250 FFL Vouchers

What’re you hopefuls waiting for? Registrations close on 24 February 2013!

Register at:
Include a short video introducing yourself and your special memories at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

All shortlisted participants will be notified by email, announcement will also be made on and various social media platforms.

With a total of over $10,000 worth of prizes and an instant shot at fame, we could only wonder just exactly what are you waiting for? Pick up the camera and start filming!

Last but not least, thank you Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, for making this experience a magical and an unforgettable one for me!


It’s Gonna Get Sensational!

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CNY Dining at The Cathay Restaurant

Chinese New Year is finally round the corner. I can feel it in the air, and it’s the perfect time to binge on food and goodies!!

I was invited to The Cathay Restaurant just a few weeks back, in the month of December, together with 5 of my friends for a CNY menu dining session.

I’ve been so busy with performance engagements and gigs for many months now, and haven’t had time to catch up with my friends, so this was the perfect reunion for the few of us

An overview of what we had:


The Cathay Restaurant has a modern and sleek interior, and just in case you didn’t know they serve traditional Chinese cuisine and offers ala carte and set menus for both lunch and dinner, as well as DIM SUM menu during lunch. They have specially crafted a few set menus just for this CNY!


There are a total of 5 set menus to choose from, price ranges from $68++ per pax (min. 2 to dine) to $1,498++ for 10 pax. IMO, it’s a perfectly reasonable price for CNY set menus given my prior experience with other Chinese restaurants which offered set menus at much heftier prices. Check out more on the website,


Here’s our first dish. 新年到,怎么少得了鱼生!

Salmon and Ikan Parang “Lo Hei” Yu Sheng

I like it that the raw fish pieces are given in generous amounts! And staff were also polite and surprisingly humorous when reciting the wishes and blessings while serving this traditional dish. The only odd thing was that we were probably the only table in the restaurant having CNY set menu, and doing this 捞鱼生 thing in the month of December lol

Look at our happy faces!! Sorry for causing commotion in the restaurant hahaha

I wished for more family time in the year of 2013, family ties to be rekindled and bonds to be strengthened, and of course good health for everyone!

Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat and Bamboo Pith

Stir-fried Fresh Scallops and Prawns with Seasonal Vegetable in XO Sauce

Steamed Pa Ting Fish with Chye Poh and Minced Garlic

Braised Whole Abalone (8 Heads) with Black Moss, Dried Oyster and Seasonal Vegetable

Makes me hungry as I’m typing this. I’m no food guru.. can’t describe tastes and presentation of the food in abstract terms but the food looked like how they tasted. Nice! And very affordable too!

Cathay Crispy Roasted Chicken

Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausages

Chilled Sea Coconut with Snow Lotus Seed and American Ginseng / Nian Gao

Tempted yet?

Here are the promotions ongoing at The Cathay Restaurant from now till 24th February!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

1) Rekindle family ties or strengthen corporate bonds, when you plan a perfect reunion at The Cathay Restaurant!

Chinese New Year set menus are priced from $698++ for 10 persons. Festive Takeaway set menus priced from $398+ for 6 persons (not shown on the brochure).

. There are a total of 5 CNY Dine-in Set Menus and 2 CNY Takeaway Set Menus to choose from,

(2)  Reserve a table to celebrate an early reunion dinner at 4pm on 9 or 16 February, and be entitled to a $50 return dining voucher with $500 spent or a $100 return dining voucher with $1,000 spent.

(3)  Reap the rewards of generosity with complimentary wine, ang pows and movie treats*! Collect the following tokens of fortune when you dine at The Cathay Restaurant:

Ang Pows for a Year of Good Luck

Limited edition Ang Pows up for grabs, with order of any Chinese New Year set menu.

Platinum Movie Suites Vouchers for an Opulent Experience

Complimentary pair of Platinum Movie Suites vouchers when for the first 80 VIP Cardmembers to make a reservation for their reunion lunch or dinner with us.

More Movie Treats for a Harmonious Chinese New Year Getaway

Receive a pair of movie passes to “check in” to HOTEL DELUXE (百星酒店), opening on 7 February 2013) or “enjoy a fengshui session” in RED NUMBERS (红字), opening on 21 February 2013, or collect the movies’ limited edition premiums, with order any of our delectable Chinese New Year set menus.page2image23440 page2image23600

(4)  CNY Goodies

20% off Chinese New Year Festive Goodies with participating credit cards (ANZ, DBS, UOB)

The Cathay Restaurant’s Festive Goodies Sales Booth at the The Cathay, Internal Atrium (Level 1), from 11 January till 24 February. Opens daily from 12pm to 8pm.

(5)  Wine & Dine for a Smooth Sailing and Prosperous Year

Make a corporate reservation from 7 January to 24 February and be duly rewarded with:

 a complimentary bottle of wine, with spending of $688;

 $100 worth of dining vouchers (valid for next visit), with spending of $888;

 $200 worth of dining vouchers (valid for next visit) and a complimentary bottle of wine, with spending of $1,888.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Reap rewards as you dine, affordable CNY set menus for a time of harmony with your friends and families! Thank you The Cathay Restaurant and Cathay for organising this awesome reunion for my friends and I.

Signing off with my face after a satisfying meal!


Cathay Facebook link:

Cathay Restaurant Website:

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Hey lovelies!

Introducing a new online boutique in town..

Just a brief description of Echcoes. An online store which satisfies your fashion needs. No worries about designs and sizes as Echcoes has a wide range of them to cater to different people :)

Check out their latest X’mas promotion!!

Head over to now!

Do check out their facebook page and remember to like it!

I’m sure you will find something you like, have fun shopping this X’mas season!!

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Cathay Cineleisure Orchard – Jolly Obsession

After a month of hiatus, I’m back to update. I cannot emphasize enough how this festive season has kept me on my toes, more than ever.

Amidst this joyous festive season, I would be guest performing and singing your favourite christmas carols at one of the major happenings in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. Continue reading to find out more :)



7 major happenings and 3 awesome promotions at Cathay Cineleisure to be exact. I’ve colour coded them in X’mas colors!!


SGAG – A Singapore Christmas (Now till 13 Dec)

Join in the meme fever and try your hand at creating one that is truly unique to a Singaporean Christmas! Show us your wit and humour with your meme and the best meme will win Fred Perry vouchers worth $500. That’s not all. The 4 next best memes will walk away with an A.Venue Bistro dining voucher worth $100. So come on now, we know you can do it!

Remember that the deadline for entries is 13 December 2012


Plug & Play Street Jams – Holiday Rock & Roll (14 to 15 Dec)

Local bands alert! Cathay Cineleisure Orchard welcomes local bands to showcase their talent, plug and play at our street jams. Come support local music and share the love this holiday season!


Underneath the Mistletoe (15, 22 and 24 December) (5pm to 10pm)

Share a kiss underneath our mistletoe and couples will get to walk home with a Christmas Couples Goodie Pack consisting of a pair of Cathay Cineplexes movie vouchers, a $10 STICKY voucher and premiums from Maybelline. Look out for our roving Mistletoe Elves during this period! Limited to the first 60 couples.


Santa’s Jolly Helper – From now to 24 December

Fancy being a Santa’s Jolly Helper? Santa’s stash has been raided and all the toys, gifts and goodies are scattered over the mall! To help Santa find them:

1. Pick up a Puzzle Card from our Customer Service Counter at Level 1 2. Find and scan the QR code on the toys, gifts and goodies to complete the Puzzle Card 3. Be the first 150 helpers to bring the completed Puzzle Card to the Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party at 7pm to qualify for a Goodie bag!


Santa’s December Babies (24 December)

Are you a December baby aged 14 to 24 years old? Then simply strut down to our Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party at 8pm to get a Goodie Bag! All you need to do is to present your NRIC as proof and complete a redemption form and you’re all set! Limited to first 150 Santa December Babies.


Have yourself a Coca-Cola Christmas (17 to 24 December)

Coca-Cola takes centre-stage at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard this December! With a glass house photo booth, performing stage and a giant truck filled with surprises, you know you won’t want to miss this!


and last but not least……

Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party (24 December)

Yes as mentioned previously, this is the event which I’m gonna be performing at, together with my awesome guitarist, Daryl!!! I’m so excited to see all of you there ;)

Bringing to you your familiar Christmas tunes. So come on down with your friends to spend this meaningful night together at the Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party. Will be updating the actual time on my twitter and facebook page to do look out!

Don’t miss a night of celebration and performances as we countdown to Christmas! This is going to be the biggest party in town and we want you to be part of it!

There are also gonna be dance performances by the winners of the All-Babes Cineleisure Dance (ABCD) Battle 2012,  Christmas caroling by The A Capella Society of Singapore, plenty of stage games, and of course redemptions for our very own Santa’s December Babies and Jolly Helpers! We’ll also be presenting prizes and crown A Singaporean Christmas’ Best SGAG Meme and Teenage Cine Secret Santa on this special day, so join us and countdown to Christmas!


Now for the promotions. Remember, to qualify for these promotions, simply keep your receipts. Spend and redeem!!!


Santa’s Secret Stash! (From now onwards)

Spend a min. of $50 in a single receipt, and take part in a sure-win lucky dip, where you stand to walk away with either a $10 Christmas Gift or Treat. Students will get up to three chances with a min. spending of $100 in two receipts. Limited to the first 300 sets of vouchers or premiums. While stocks last.

*Redemptions are made on a first-come-first-served and whilst-stocks-last basis from the Customer Service Counter at Level 1, and must be made on the day of purchase. Other terms and conditions apply.


Teenage Cine Secret Santa (TCSS) (From now to 20 December)

Want to play Secret Santa* for your best friend and stand a chance to win an OLYMPUS Camera PEN E-PL5 at our Christmas Countdown party on 24 December while you’re at it? Dash down to our Customer Service Counter at Level 1, pick up a form, & find out more!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Gifter and intended recipient must be between 14 to 24 years of age.


frolick with Best Fries Forever (From now onwards)

Christmas is about sharing the love, so we’re keeping in tradition. Spend any amount in two receipts to receive a set of vouchers, comprising one Frolick voucher and one Best Fries Forever voucher. Limited to 200 sets for students. Note: You must bring a pal down!


Alright. Probably too much information to digest in a post, but take time to read through them and I’m sure you will find something you’ll be interested in this Christmas season!

That’s all I have for you guys for now. Catch you at the Cineleisure Christmas Countdown Party on the 24th December 2012 :)


Twitter: @ruthmiaoru




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One Big Concert – Community Singing for ALL

Are you free tomorrow?

Well if you are free on a Saturday evening, and is around the west side of Singapore. (SG’s not too big actually, Easties welcomed too!) come on down to One Big Concert – Community Singing for ALL! A meaningful mass singing community event to bring the joy of singing to the heart of every neighbourhood.

Expect to hear radio-friendly hit songs like, Call Me Maybe, Price Tag, Moves like Jagger and many more during the mass sing-a-long session led by singers and bands like Nick Shen, The Echo Band & December Rain.

Event starts at 6pm till around 10pm and is located at Hard Court @ Blk 371 Bukit Batok St 31). Tickets are affordably priced at $3 and will be hosted by 曾晓英from Love 97.2fm and Denise Tan from Gold 90.5fm

I wish I can be there to lead the residents during the mass sing-a-long session which will be broadcasted live on Love 97.2 and Gold 90.5FM at the same time…. But I’m sure Nick and the bands will do a very great job too!

Have fun :)


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